Operating principle Ultrasonic sensor
Evaluation digital
Size M12 x 1 (thread)
Design screw
Sound emitting surface axial
Nominal switching distance (Sn) 400 mm
Standardized measuring plate 20 x 20 mm
Service voltage 18 … 30 V DC
Internal power consumption ≤ 30 mA, (24 V DC)
Operating distance 40 … 400 mm adjustable
Sensitivity adjustment Remote teach
Mounting distance 250 mm (Sensor to sensor)
Switching output Push pull, 150 mA, NO/NC, switchable
Max. power operating 150 mA
Switching hysteresis 2 mm, via IO-Link adjustable up to 20 mm
Operating frequency 300.000 Hz
Interface IO-Link
Display 2 x LED green (status), 2 x LED yellow (Display output)
Voltage drop ≤ 2.5 V
Switching frequency 10 Hz
Repeatability <0.5 mm
Readiness delay 300ms
Ambient temperature -10 … +70 °C
Temperature drift 0.2 %/K (uncompensated)
Insulation voltage endurance 500 V
Protection class IP 67
Protection degree III, operation on protective low voltage
Casing material brass nickel plated
Material epoxy resin, PUR (Transducer surface)
Connection Connector, M12 x 1, 4-poled
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