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Model CPU304EX            K304EX-14AR
CPU 16-bit industrial
Execution Speed Typical Bool instruction time: <0.5 μS
Word operation time: <48μS
Arithmetic operation time for integers: <65μS
Arithmetic operation time for floating points: <150μS
DI Points 8XDC24V
DO Points 6Xrelay
User Program Memory FRAM, 8KB/about 1,200 steps
Program Backup Permanent storage, without the need of battery
Memory Area Variable storage area (V area): 4KB
System storage area (SM area): 300 bytes
Internal storage area (M area): 32 bytes
Data Retention Characteristic Configure with the programming software: V area, C (counter) area
Retention Mode and Period Adopt super capacitors and support a retention period of not less than 144 hours upon power failure under normal temperature.
Data Backup Characteristic Perform backup operations VB3648~VB3902 according to user instructions, 255 bytes in total
Backup Mode and Time FRAM, 255 bytes in total (writing operation for 10 billion times), permanent backup
Floating Points Supported; the whole V area can be used for floating points
Programming Language Supported Ladder Drawing (LD), Instruction List (IL)
Instruction Set Basic instructions: 55; expansion instructions: 252
Password Protection Yes
Max. I/O Digital data: 78 in total (64 DI and 64 DO respectively);
Analog data: 16 in total (16 AI and 16 AO respectively)
Counter 128
Operation Mode of Counter Addition, subtraction
Counter Range -32768~32767
Counting Value Retention Function Yes
Timer 128
1 ms time base: 4
10 ms time base: 16
100 ms time base: 108
High-speed Counter 6 high-speed counters
where, single-phase counters: 6, with a maximum frequency of 30 KHz
where, dual-phase counters: 4, with a maximum frequency of 20 KHz
Analog Potentiometer 2, 10-bit resolution, values corresponding to internal registers
Interruption Function Timing interruption: 2, 1ms resolution;
Timer interruption: T2/T3, 1ms resolution;
Edge interruption: 4, rising edge or falling edge optional;
High-speed interruption, communication interruption
Real-time Clock Yes, with an error not greater than 2 minutes/month under a temperature of 25°C
The user can use the software to set/read: year, month, day, hour, minute, second, week. Standby batteries are used to supply power for the real-time clock upon power failure. Under normal temperature, the accumulative retention period of the real-time clock upon power failure is up to 50,000 hours.
Number of Connectable Expansion Modules 4; regardless of types
COM Port 1, RS232 or RS485;
Supported working modes: Programming, Modbus-RTU (slave), Free protocol
Equipment Connected with COM Port RS232/RS485: PC (for programming), third-party HMI panel, third-party serial communication equipment (for example, instruments, bar code reader, etc.)
Input Power Supply AC85~265V
Sensor Load Power Supply DC24V, max. 500 mA
Dimensions (L*W*H) 125X114X70
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